Unofficial gEDA components library (exchange)

We like gEDA! We shure it is good solution for electronic developping, but frequncy required electronic component is abcent in standart library and we have to create it. We will glad to public created components for all, but sometime too difficult to submit it, to include it to standart gEDA package.
This page for all gEDA users. There you can try to find the components from another user, and there you can upload your components for all gEDA comunity.

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Warning: Look downloaded component carefull! It may content error! If you found error, please fix it and upload updated version. In description direct what is error you were fix.

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Help to all, and all help to you!
If you not found required component, and draw it your self, please, public it there, and in next time when you will find another component you will found it there! You may leave personal informations or you may post component as anonymous. All as you like!

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